PETG Filament – Red (RAL3020) – 2.85mm – 750 gram

PETG Filament – Red (RAL3020) – 2.85mm – 750 gram

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PETG Filament (Polyethylene Terepthalate Glycol-modified) is the common thermoplastics of the polyester family and is used in fibers for clothing, bottles for liquids and foods. PETG is a modified PET, PETG is a clear amorphous thermoplastics with a lower melting point than PET.

The 3D4MAKERS PETG Filament has unique properties because it does not come into contact with water during the production process and is directly packaged in a vacuum packaging. These properties make the 3D4MAKERS PETG Filament particularly suitable for usage in FDM and FFF 3D printers. The material has an excellent adhesion between layers which results in great improvement of the impact resistance, strength, durability and the printing process.

The PETG Filament produced by 3D4MAKERS meets the European regulations EC No. 1935/2004, EC No. 2023/2006 and EC No. 10/2011 concerning plastic materials and articles coming into contact with food. The colorants used by 3D4MAKERS to colour the Filament also meet these European regulations.

Print temperature: 220 - 240°C
Bed temperature:
50 - 80°C


Specificatie Waarde


Merk 3D4Makers B.V.
Kleur Black | RAL 9011 | Zwart


Printmateriaal PETG


Overige kenmerken

Compatibel met Alle Filament 3D Printers
Diameter 2.85 mm
Gewicht 1250 g
Taal handleiding Engels
Verpakking breedte 214 mm
Verpakking hoogte 63 mm
Verpakking lengte 222 mm